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I am so happy I went here. Natalia is not only a complete professional, but very kind and did not rush through the procedure at all. I have been to other cosmetic tattoo artists, and Natalia is the best. I wish I had gone to her sooner. 

What makes her the best? She is METICULOUS when it comes to measuring and drawing in your brows. Not only do my eyebrows already look great, but her price is fantastic and includes your touch up as well. Just go to her if you're getting cosmetic tattooing.

~Stefani C. 



I love Natalia!  I found her here on Yelp and I could not be happier with my makeup results.  She tattooed my brows and my eye liner. It does hurt and I was scared silly going in but its totally worth it.  Natalia is an artist and really does a great job keeping everything looking natural and beautiful.  If you are looking for  a permanent makeup artist. Look no further.

~Ruth K. 



I am so happy to write a review and give the highest rating to Natalia at Infinite Beauty.  I have had my brows done twice at different locations and each time the results were horrible.  The last time my brows were done they were uneven, poorly shaped and did nothing to compliment my face.  I got a recommendation to Natalia and kept her name for three years before getting up the courage to call her.  I should hug the person who recommended her to me because I am so very happy with the work that Natalia did.  Natalia and I discussed the look that I was hoping for and she got busy drawing my brows and making corrections along the way.  Natalia is a perfectionist if there ever was one and I would recommend her to anyone.  I am happy to have met her not just for my brows, but happy to meet this very kind and gentle soul.  Natalia you are awesome !!!

~Lydia M.


Natalia is an amazing artist!  I had her tattoo eyeliner on my upper lids and they are perfect.  I am a professional makeup artist with 13 years of experience - I trust Natalia and am blown away by her talent.  I am thrilled with the fact that I don't have to apply liquid liner everyday now and am going back to get my brows done with her in a couple of weeks.

~T F.


Just had my eyebrows done with Natalia at Infinite Beauty.  I agree with everything that was written about her demeanor and expertise in prior reviews, so I won't pile on with redundancies.  In short....if you plan on getting any permanent makeup treatments, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you see Natalia.  Well worth the money!

~Crystal T.


Need brows? Ask for Natalia!

For years I have considered permanent makeup to enhance my over plucked brows. The thought of having permanent tattoos on my face kept me from taking the next step.  Year after year I drew my brows on my head, never got them even, and usually by midday they melted off or worse, just one was gone.  Finally I'd had enough and took the plunge.  

A tattoo artist in town came highly recommended by several friends. BIG mistake! A tattoo artist is not a make-up artist.  I asked for light brows matching more of the darker tones in my blonde hair.  What I got were too high, uneven, orange brows.., neon orange!  After a good cry I hit the phone to interviews several licensed make-up artists in the city to discuss my options.  All were very kind and offered great options and advice but...I just didn't felt right about committing until I spoke with Natalia.

There something about Natalia and I now know why she holds a five star record.  She is patient, kind, compassionate, and a gifted make-up artist.  Natalia took the time to evenly draw my brows to compliment my face and welcomed suggestions for  questions or changes.  After my procedure I must say, it was a bit disturbing to see my brows so wide, shiny and black but Natalia assured me that the color would lighten to match my hair and skin tones and the thickness of my brows would thin once my swelling went down.  She said I would see a more natural looking brow in a few days and Natalia was absolutely right.

It's been five days since my brow procedure and they look wonderful, exactly what I envisioned but best of all?  No more neon orange. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Natalia !!!

~Debra T.


Natalia really helped me out.  I had a bad permanent eyeliner job that I needed fixed.  She was able to practically fade out the previous person's mistake.  I'm going to see her again once my lids heal up to get the permanent eyeliner that I always wanted.  She is nice and very knowledgeable and precise in her work.

~Leena M.


My eyebrows were uneven and misshapen. I decided to get them tattooed. I was nervous about doing something so permanent, but Natalia put me at ease. She made them look perfect, and I am so happy with the results. My only regret is that  I wish I would have done this sooner. If you are thinking of doing permanent make up, I would definitely go to Natalia!!

~Rachel S.


Natalia is an expert professional. She is meticulous and such a perfectionist- Just what you want working on your face! She repaired my bad tattoo job and saved my face! Literally. I highly recommended her- you will be happy!

~Polly G.


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